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How to make the Oreo milkshake from VIPs

I do not know if there is anyone around here who does not know the Oreo milkshake of VIPs, as well as if any of those who do know him have resisted enough to not fall at his feet. I am one of the first, not the second. The Oreo shake from VIPs is what I always ask for when I visit it. Moreover, there are times when I only go to VIPs to taste it.

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Recipe of macaroni with avocado and anchovies

I had been listening to the same sound at home for a long time: when are you going to make the macaroni with avocado? So every time I cooked pasta. Actually this recipe of macaroni with avocado and anchovies is a dish that I cooked a lot during a season by popular request and was born of chance, of those days when you do not know what to cook and you go ready in the pantry.

Food Art Madrid, two merged concepts, art and gastronomy

On April 17, an interesting exhibition opens in Madrid that merges two interesting concepts, gastronomy and art, this is Food Art Madrid. For a couple of months 15 renowned chefs and laureates with the Michelin star, will provide a different vision of gastronomy in a very interesting and artistic environment, within the rooms located in the Casa Palacio Atocha Building, a majestic building dating from the year 1852 and that stands in the heart of Madrid.

Recipe of mackerel with lacon

I don't know if it will be because of my Galician roots, but for me the Galician potato is the best that exists. Especially if what we want is to cook them. It has a white color and touch in the mouth is very thin and creamy. With a firm texture and after cooking it maintains a deep and unique aroma and flavor. The best way to eat it is with a splash of olive oil after cooking.

Gourmet cuisine

The boom that gastronomy is suffering is unstoppable, it has a lot to do with the constant revolution that exists in it. New products from exotic countries adapt to our gastronomy by the hand of great chefs, new ways of cooking food, adjusting a pairing of ingredients that you would not have imagined ... All this, together with the new consumer demand, the desire to To experience new pleasures on the palate and the culinary culture that is acquired, results in a very select gourmet gastronomy.

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Visit to La Vinyeta. Much more than wine tourism on the Costa Brava

A few days ago, on the occasion of a trip that I made to the Costa Brava, I had the opportunity to know what I thought was "simply" a Winery in which I would surely have the opportunity to taste its wines and stroll through its vineyards and facilities, but I I had a big surprise. After the visit, in which I actually tried the wines and met the winery and toured the farm and the vineyards, I could have a good time chatting with the owners, and that's why I have to tell you my visit to La Vinyeta, which of course offers much more than wine tourism on the Costa Brava.

Macarons with lemon curd. Dessert recipe

This recipe macarons with lemon curd are actually two and, not two which I want, but two recipes of those that I had on my list of earrings. On the one hand I had a crazy desire for macarons, they have always seemed so difficult, delicate and fine, I never saw the time to make them and this morning I got up as well as very brave, I have remembered that my friend Cova made them A few months ago, everything she writes in her bog has put it into practice before, and I thought that the best thing she could do was take her recipe from the macaron dough.

Quiche de morcilla, muscatel and Arzúa. Recipe

For me, eating a quiche is always a party, and preparing it, a prelude that something good will happen; perhaps it is the smell that comes out of the oven that stimulates me gloriously, anticipating the feast that will be lived on the table. As a dish of use is priceless, since it dignifies and makes perfect spouses forgotten and disparate ingredients.

Monkfish Almond Sauce Recipe

Monkfish is a fish with many nutritional properties, very versatile when cooking and very rich. Today I present this recipe of monkfish with almond sauce to beer that basically consists of a thick garlic garlic, you know, a sauce based on almonds, peppers and garlic, typical of Andalusia.

Cream veal

Cream gives this recipe a great softness and intense flavor, it is an ideal combination. You will like the Veal with cream and your guests will enjoy this appetizing snack. The ingredients 6 small beef steaks, 3 slices of ham, 3 slices of melted cheese, ½ glass of dry white wine, ½ glass of liquid cream, ½ glass of beef broth, a sprig of rosemary, a little oil and Salt.

Wine Indication, Land of Spain

It has been announced that the Indication of wines, Tierra de España, is already underway, the purpose is to use wine from a large part of the Spanish regions in the foreign market and thus gain market shares in view of the growing competition that exists for wines that They occur in the so-called New World. The Indication of Wines, Tierra de España is an important alternative for the sale of Spanish wines to increase and also to gain more in competitiveness.

Original chocolate disc that sounds

In my house there has always been music and my father has been one of those young people who in the 60s had a musical group made up of a few friends. So I have grown up seeing vinyl everywhere and since I am a hopeless nostalgic, I still have them as gold in cloth. See now this original chocolate disc that sounds over I do not know if it amazes me or horrifies me.

If you want to save, do not buy pre-cooked

If you want to save, do not buy pre-cooked. It seems obvious that everyone should know, but apparently not. Yesterday, without going any further, in the TVE News Commando program, they were accompanying a girl in the supermarket to the supermarket, who lives from what her pensioner grandmother leaves her, and I was fascinated by what she bought considering the little money I had.

Sauteed marinated beef. Recipe

Every week there is at least one sauteed in the home menu, as they are fast, versatile and very healthy elaborations, like this marinated beef stir fry. The famous wok technique can be applied to a good pan and have a tasty dish ready in a few minutes. Marinading the beef we will gain in flavor giving a special touch to the dish.